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The 4 goals of OMT

Myofunctional therapy is driven by 4 goals that will help each individual lead a higher quality and more productive life.

  1. Nasal breathing-It's the natural way to breath. When we breath through our nose we get sick less often because the air is filtered, warmed and moistened. Also, nasal breathing releases a super important chemical called Nitric Oxide which increases oxygen absorption by almost 20%! It's also a very important signaling molecule on our bodies. Basically, if we are breathing through the mouth, then we are not getting any Nitric Oxide and Nitic Oxide is really good for us-so we're missing out!

  2. Lip seal-Having a lips lightly touching together during rest is what you want. We look better, sleep better, and get sick less often when our lips are sealed. Oh, and here's a bonus, if we keep our lips sealed during rest and don't breathe through our mouths we get less cavities and gum infections. I don't think anyone would complain about a better dental check up!

  3. Tongue to spot-Yes there is a certain "spot" to put your tongue during rest. Correct tongue placement helps keep our faces full and cheek bones defined. It is also incredibly important for keeping our teeth straight. If we can't achieve a good resting posture then our teeth start to shift and our facial structure changes, we loose support, definition, and function!

  4. Correct swallowing pattern-If we have a tongue tie or a tongue thrust then we have a dysfunctional swallowing pattern because the tongue is pushing forward instead of guiding the food or liquid back toward the throat. It causes you to swallow tiny bits of air which causes stomachaches and pains, acid reflux, gas and bloating. In general, your stomach just doesn't feel good and that's not fun.

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