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Facial growth and developement

Tongue placement plays a HUGE role in how facial features grow and develop. It can even dictate how we look. If the tongue is low and not resting on the palate, our facial features become long and flat, the chin appears weak and our eyes sleepy and tired. If we are always walking around with an open mouth it's also hard for us to stand up straight. An open mouth puts our head forward and down putting even more strain on our neck and shoulders. 

When we can't breathe through our nose we breathe through our mouth. It's good to have a back up system. But if the main system (breathing through our nose) doesn't get fixed or never worked right to begin with, our facial muscles developed around mouth breathing which can have negative long term effects. Those facial muscles are super important for chewing, swallowing, drinking, talking, kissing and so much more. When facial muscles develop around mouth breathing we can end up with other diagnosis such as sleep apnea, TMJ disorder, even high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, GERD, acid reflux, ADD, ADHD, reduction in IQ, depression, anxiety, even brain degeneration. 

It only takes a few minutes twice a day to retrain dysfunctional habits and save yourself or a loved one from a life time of health complications, braces, and low self esteem. 

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