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My Approach

I appreciate an approach that solves the problem as a whole rather than taking a pill or  putting a band aid on it. That just covers up the symptoms, and nothing ever gets fixed. I want the problem to never get worse, in fact I want it treated so I never have to deal with it again! That is why I started studying OMT.  It was hard for me to only address problems with teeth when I was performing dental hygiene, when it was so obvious to me that there were other causes to the problems people had: TMJD and not being able to open very much; Or when using handpieces with water causing patients to gag because they don't breath through their nose; Every person with their mouth open during rest; Or the patient who is going into braces for a second or third time in their life. Tongue ties were everywhere and no one had a clue it was the reason for their pain! So I set out on a mission to bring a service to my community. 

My approach is different from other professionals because OMT is a holistic and non-invasive treatment. OMT is focused on eliminating dysfunctional oral habits and retraining muscle groups. When muscles are retrained, they stay that way for life! When we breath correctly, oxygen benefits our system as a whole. That means you may not need those pills and band aids to cover up symptoms. It only requires about 5 or 10 minutes twice a day to complete exercises and retrain dysfunctional muscle groups.

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